Photograph by Deby Fredericks

Here are a few reader comments about my books.
On The Grimhold Wolf
     "Chilling and magical." David Lee Summers
     "Compelling... Epic fantasy with characters rich in depth." Frank Scalise
On The Seven Exalted Orders
    "Engrossing... A fascinating exploration of power."   Esther Jones on Goodreads
    "Intricate, richly imagined world."  BookSkimmer on Amazon
On The Necromancer's Bones
     "Puts the lie to the idea that feminine-focused fantasy fiction is somehow less powerful... Tight and compelling."  Ned Haynes on Goodreads
On The Magister's Mask
     "Fast-paced, gripping suspense."   Fallen Angels Reviews
     "Smart and entertaining... Set in a world somewhat reminiscent of Earthsea."  High praise from independent reviewer Donna McMahon.
     "A genre-spanning tale incorporating the best elements of a good murder-mystery with fantasy. And it's a stunningly good fantasy-mystery with a superb twist in its tail."  Eternal Night
     "...Her characters are a vivid and believable blend of pomp, bluster, self-doubt, confidence and heroism."  Yet Another Book Review Site
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