Photograph by Deby Fredericks
The Gellboar (978-0-9977807-X)
A dark fantasy novelette for $.99.

The Holy Mothers have decreed that only women can be trusted with the awesome powers of sorcery. But Dan can no more live without magic than he could go without breathing. Disguised as a woman, he struggles to provide for his sickly daughter through illicit magic. But his life of lies has drawn a darker eye than that of the Holy Mothers...

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Aunt Ursula's Atlas (978-0-9977807-0-3)
Fairy Tales told by Lucy D. Ford

On a high shelf, in a hidden library, there is a book of unknown wonders. Open its pages. Explore mysterious lands. See for yourself what lies within Aunt Ursula's Atlas.

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The Grimhold Wolf, A Gothic Werewolf Novel
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Madeline --- cursed by her former lover to live as a wild beast, yet driven to rescue their son from a legacy of evil.
--- so obsessed with werewolves that he was ordered to retire, now the only hope for a desperate village.
--- forced to choose between his father's power and his mother's love. These three must battle through a maze of lies, where demons may be the only true victors. 
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Masters of Air & Fire (9-781311-76-0-X)
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Three young wyrmlings are on their own after the destruction of their volcanic home. They struggle to stay together in a world dominated by creatures alien to them... humans. Orlik wants to stay away. Romik wants to make friends. And Yazka has darker plans.

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The Weight of Their Souls (978-0-9977807-X)
Swords & Sorcery Novelette for $.99!

The epic war is over, the great Enemy destroyed. A ragtag band of survivors makes their way home, only to discover there were survivors on the other side, too. And even a lesser evil from that vicious host can still be a deadly threat.

It's swords against sorcery, with more than just their lives on the line. The travelers, who barely know each other, must summon the courage to face one more battle.

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The Magister's Mask (1-896944-16-7)
Fantasy Murder Mystery

Shenza Waik of Tresmeer has just completed her training as magister, a branch of sorcery with a specialty in criminal investigation. When the rules ofher island home is shockingly murdered, the inquiry falls to her. An innocent man stands accused. Political factions press for a speedy resolution. Meanwhile, the true killer remains free. Shenza must find him before she becomes his next victim. Click to read a sample chapter.

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Seven Exalted Orders (9-780615-92-3-X)
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In Arkanost, all magi must belong to one of The Seven Exalted Orders, each bound to a single magical element, but Ryamon is trapped in the wrong one. He makes a desperate bargain: if he brings the rebel Valdira back for trial, he'll be admitted to the Order of Fire at last. It's a great plan until he actually meets Valdira.

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Too Many Princes (1-896944-85-X)
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There are too many princes in Crutham! Brastigan knows it well enough; he is 13th in line for the throne, and he is bored. A misfit and rogue, Brastigan keeps busy drinking and fighting, until one day he nearly dies in a brawl. Was it an accident, or attempted murder?

Brastigan sets out with Lottres, his brother and best friend, to find the truth. But Lottres has goals of his own...

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The Necromancer's Bones (1-896944-91-X)
Sequel to The Magister's Mask
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Young and pretty, Chimi dreams of a bright future. She also has a secret: Chimi sees ghosts. Restless spirits follow her everywhere. They recognize her as a true necromancer, mystically called to right the wrongs that won't let them rest in peace. Desperate to escape her unwanted destiny, Chimi turns to her older sister for help. Shenza is a magister, trained to investigate crimes with her magic. Responsible and reliable, Shenza insists that Chimi accept her new gift.
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