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"The Elric Saga, Part 2"

The first of Moorcock's Elric stories was published in 1961. Like many series of that era, it was not planned to be such. The stories were simply popular enough that editors asked for more, and Moorcock obliged. So the series unfolded as a sequence of novellas and novelettes in various genre magazines. These were stitched together into six novels and published in 1976-1977 by DAW Books...
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"Didn't plan to write curing my vacation. Then a story dive-bombed me 2 days before we left. Came home with a (very) rough draft to work on."

"LA Museum of Natural History is so awesome!! We saw dinos and butterflies and the Lucy skeleton. Had a great time. Highly recommended."

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Works In Progress

I've been working on my YA fantasy, Silver Marsh, about an Elfin girl on the run in a world where Elfinkind is persecuted by humans.

But I've been temporarily derailed by a YA short story about a boy who sees dragons and wonders where they're going. More on that as I proceed.

And I'm waiting for word from Sky Warrior on when the editing process will begin on The Grimhold Wolf.