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"The Dragon of Bisterne"

Long ago, the English county of Hampshire was covered by thick woodlands called the New Forest. Near these woods was a tall hill known as Burley Beacon, and the den of a dragon was high upon it. The beast caused the usual trouble - devouring cattle and also any humans foolish enough to interfere with its predations.

The nearest manor was at Bisterne, where Sir Maurice Berkeley was visited by a delegation pleading for his help. The villagers had managed to reach a detente that involved them giving all their cows' milk to the dragon each day. Sir Maurice decided to use this. He had his armor coated with glass, and then set up a hunter's blind where the dragon came to get the milk. There he hid himself along with his two best hunting hounds.
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"Eighth Order revision is going well. Half way through already. I have room to fill it out some, and it keeps getting shorter, instead!"

"My playlist is including lots more Neil Young/Crazy Horse and Tracey Chapman these days. Who are you listening to?"

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Current project: third draft revision on Trials of the Eighth Order. At the same time, publication is closer on Aunt Ursula's Atlas. I'm hoping for mid-December.

In the newer novel, Retreat, my characters weren't telling me what I need to know, so I'm finishing a few other things and planning to get back to it in January.

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