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I find myself at one of those points we writers all reach, where I'm considering my work to date and pondering which direction to take. This particularly involves my short fiction, which I always struggle to find markets for.

Okay, yes, it is substantially my own responsibility that I continue to write stories that don't have ready markets. I know that adult magazines consider stories with a fairy-tale flavor too juvenile for their readership, and I know that a 2,000-word short story is too long for juvenile magazines. But, bless me, that's what I keep coming up with!

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"Scene from a writer's life: trying to do yoga while a story is bashing around in my mind."

"Got to hear some lovely singing at the all-city choir festival this afternoon. Quinn's ensemble fro Prep was excellent."

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There may be self-publishing in my future! Most likely a short-story collection released concurrently as a podcast. Stay tuned for details.

Winter signings are listed on my Wanderings page. Come say hi on January 23rd at the Spokane Valley Hastings store!

My current work in progress is a sequel to  The Seven Exalted Orders.