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"Dragons of Earthsea, Part 5"

In The Other Wind, Ursula Le Guin brings closure to the longest arc of her Earthsea Books. This arc has to do with death, how people fear it, fight it, and in her world have changed the reality of death itself. In Earthsea, the real world is beautiful, sunny, fertile and bounded by the sea on all sides. Their afterlife is the Dry Land: barren, dusty and dark, where souls forget all they once loved and even parents and children can pass each other without recognition.

In A Wizard of Earthsea, the beast Ged brings into the world is his own knowledge that someday he will die. In The Tombs of Atuan, Arha/Tenar's life is dedicated to the ancient, evil Nameless Ones who dwell in eternal darkness. In The Farthest Shore, Ged and Arren pursue a wizard named Cob who sought immortality and nearly drained the life out of Earthsea. In The Other Wind, the dead are literally tearing down the wall between Earthsea and the Dry Land.

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"cking for a trip to LA for a funeral. Bringing stories to work on in the airport. Hoping maybe to move forward with Silver Marsh."

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SpoCon is coming, August 15-17th. Click here to see my schedule of panels and signings.

Also, after taking a vacation, it's time to get back to my YA fantasy, Silver Marsh, about an Elfin girl on the run in a world where Elfinkind is persecuted by humans.

And I'm waiting for word from Sky Warrior on when the editing process will begin on The Grimhold Wolf.