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"The Dragon's Teeth"

Not far from where I live, there's a geographic feature known as the Dragon's Teeth. This is a series of stone markers erected during the late 1930s.

This was the era of the Civilian Conservation Corps, an employment program during the Great Depression. At the time, a gentleman named R. L. Rutter lived on an isolated property to the north of Spokane. The access road was little better than a wagon trail. It was so narrow that if two vehicles met each other, one would have to back up and let the other get through.

The crafty land holder devised a plan to improve the situation...
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"The school where I'm working is testing their alarms. It sounds like those giant ants in the old movie "Them!""

"Sir Terry has a new book coming out. A Tiffany Aching book! I've pre-ordered from B&N and I can hardly wait!"

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My fall schedule is starting to take shape. Click the "Wanderings" tab to get a peek.

My current work in progress is a sequel to The Seven Exalted Orders.

I'm also in the reading and selection process for Wee Folk and Wise, the anthology I'm editing for Sky Warrior Books.