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"Just For Fun 27"

Q: Why did the dragon fly over the mountain?

A: It would take too long to dig under the mountain.

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"Just got my votes in for the Locus Awards. Deadline is April 15. Have you voted? You should! See"

"Countdown to the opening of submissions on the Wee Folk and Wise anthology ---Five days to go!"

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What's Next?

I've just signed the contract to edit an anthology called Wee Folk and Wise for Sky Warrior. The topic: Fairies!

Fairies. Big fairies and little fairies. Ugly fairies and pretty fairies. Wise fairies and silly fairies. Sweet fairies and scary fairies. Tell us your story about fairies, 2000-6500 words.

Reading period opens April 15, 2015. Check our Facebook group for submission guidelines. Feel free to join if you want to follow the process.