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"The Golden Flute, Part 2"

In this Chinese legend, a magical boy named Bayberry sets off to rescue his sister, who is imprisoned by a wicked dragon.

Bayberry traveled for many miles, deep into the mountains. He came upon a place where a huge boulder has fallen across the roadway. Travelers had to wiggle by, risking a deadly fall down the mountain. Bayberry decided to move the  boulder so that everyone could use the road safely.

He wedged his stick under the boulder, but it broke. Then he pushed with all his might. Finally the boulder rolled free. To his surprise, there was a golden flute in the hollow where the rock had been. He picked it up and played a tune...
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"Good signing at the Valley B&N yesterday. Sold 2, about average for me. Thanks for having me, Leslie! I'll definitely be back in the fall."

"June 20-26, 2016, is Refugee Week. Please take a moment to reflect on the plight of families uprooted through no fault of their own."

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I'm in the midst of a self-publishing project. Aunt Ursula's Atlas is Lucy D. Ford's collection of 11 short stories. Possible release in June or July.

My current work in progress is a sequel to  The Seven Exalted Orders.