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"Beyond the Chinese Dragon"

I saw these books in the library and thought to myself, "Finally! An urban fantasy with dragons." Well, yes and no. Relatively little time is spent with the dragons, and unfortunately the human characters didn't make up for it. At least, not for me, but we all know how picky I am.

The cast was not terribly diverse, and most characters were some level of stereotype. I had trouble connecting with the main character, Tori...

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"Got books up to the South Hill Hastings store, in preparation for a signing next Saturday. And listening to great music from the KPBX sale."

"RadCon, you know I love you. But to have a guest like Jim C. Hines on just 2 panels? Kevin J. Anderson on 1? Surely you can do better."

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Not only did Sky Warrior release Masters of
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