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"Dragons Don't Do Gratitude"

Hommana hommana, I peer into my crystal ball
And learn the most mysterious thing of all:
What are dragons grateful for?

Ikartya of the Emerald Scales Gratitude, what's that?
Ysislaw, Emperor of Sillets My hoard.

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"Whether you're in the U.S. or not, I hope all my friends and acquaintances will have a peaceful and positive day. Gratitude has power!"

"Not sure which is more annoying -- trying to open incompatible documents, or getting rid of those darned curly quotes."

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What's New?

Winter signings are listed on my Wanderings page. First up is Auntie's Bookstore, 3 pm, on December 6th.

Actual edits on the Wee Folk and Wise anthology are nearly complete. Then begins the layout phase.

My current work in progress is a sequel to  The Seven Exalted Orders.