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"Inner Dragons"

We writers often do battle against doubts, fears, writing blocks, etc. Call them inner dragons. If we aren't careful, we can sabotage ourselves with negative self-talk.

One common Inner Dragon is to treat writing like a competitive sport. Say you struggled for an hour to finish a single page, 250 measly words. Then on Facebook an author friend brags about their wonderful 2,500-word day. It's all too easy to compare word counts and conclude that you're a slacker because you didn't get as much done.

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Work In Progress

Presently I'm working on a YA fantasy, Silver Marsh. This is the second in a duology, or possibly a trilogy, about some elves who are hunted by their human neighbors. I'm hoping to reach the half way point by mid-April.

I'm also editing children's work for Sky Warrior. One is called Old Don, and it's directed at the Heathen community. The other is about a dog detective, Sherlock Bones, who helps pets in distress.