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If a dragon wrote the book…

An elderly dragon enjoys retirement in his underground domain, won from the dwarves in fair and open combat. One day a draft carries strange odors into his treasury. Small items are pilfered. He'll get to the bottom of this, or his name isn't Smaug the Magnificent!

…Can you guess which book it is?

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"Floating on air after the SCBWI INW conference. Met new friends and agent Steve Fraser said nice things about my story. What a great day."

"Having a great week at LC High School, using Skyrim to connect with reluctant readers. Won't add up calories, but will add xp for skill use."

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Works In Progress

Still working on my YA fantasy, Silver Marsh, about an Elfin girl on the run in a world where Elfinkind is persecuted by humans.

Sky Warrior has put me in touch with my editor for the middle grade fantasy, Masters of Air & Fire, and for my gothic fantasy, The Grimhold Wolf.

I can work on both at once... Heh.