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"The Dragon In Me"

You. Yes, you! I challenge you... to write a poem!

This is based on a school framework that helps kids who think they aren't poetic, to write poetry. It has lots of blanks to fill in. The empty framework looks something like this:

The Animal In Me, by (Name)

There is a (animal) in me with (animal part) like (simile) and (animal part) like (simile).
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"Outcast Order: got the book map done. Color coded, even. Happy with 2 plot arcs. 1 has to be worked over. Spotted redundant conversations."

"Went through the ballot with Quinn yesterday, helping her vote for the first time. We found so many odd political parties!"

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What's New?
Sky Warrior has released a cover for the anthology I'm editing, Wee Folk and Wise!

Aunt Ursula's Atlas is coming along. Margaret Organ Kean is doing cover art.

I did it!! First draft of Outcast Order is complete at 90,600 words. Next step is to start mapping the book for second draft revisions.

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