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"The Chitauri Leviathan"

Among the many amazing visuals of 2012's The Avengers was an enormous, dragonlike creature. These leviathans were part of the Chitauri invasion, which the evil god Loki commanded after his alliance with Thanos. Although technically not dragons, the levianthans certainly were powerful enough to qualify for this category.

Due to the action-packed plot, viewers didn't learn much about the Chitauri themselves. However, information can be gleaned from sources on the Internet. According to the
Marvel Universe Wiki ...

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"Spent the morning ogling beautiful artwork (okay, and some strange artwork) for the Hugo nominations. I'm just about ready to vote."

"And... there. All my completed stories are out on submission again."

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What's Next?

I've just signed the contract to edit an anthology called Wee Folk and Wise for Sky Warrior. The topic: Fairies!

Fairies. Big fairies and little fairies. Ugly fairies and pretty fairies. Wise fairies and silly fairies. Sweet fairies and scary fairies. Tell us your story about fairies, 2000-6500 words.

Reading period is April 15 - October 15, 2015. Check our Facebook group for submission guidelines. Feel free to join if you want to follow the process.