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"Water Dragons"

While I'm on the topic of lizards, I might as well talk about Water Dragons, too. Bearded Dragons (my last post) and Water Dragons have similar names, and both are part of the Agamid lizard clan. Like Bearded Dragons, the Water Dragons we see in zoos and pet shops are a cluster of related species and sub-species in the Physignathus branch of the family. They hail from Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Southern China and parts of Indonesia. They are not to be confused with Water Monitors, which share some of the same habitat.

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Works In Progress

First edits are done on my middle grade fantasy, Masters of Air & Fire! Now on to gothic fantasy The Grimhold Wolf. 

After that, I'm close to the climax of Silver Marsh, my mg fantasy about an Elfin girl on the run in a world where Elfinkind is persecuted by humans.