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"Bearded Dragon Rescue"

Here's a true story from the news of my region.

Sherrie Baldwin, of Salem, OR, is a reptile devotee who made the news after she gave her pet Bearded Dragon mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She had found the lizard floating in water in its cage. The incident gained national attention, and Baldwin enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame. Unfortunately, her landlord was disturbed to learn that Baldwin had been rescuing Bearded Dragons from the area and keeping them in her trailer...

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"Done with my first pass on Grimhold Wolf edits. Editor went easy on me. Or, I turned in a really clean manuscript! Now back to Silver Marsh."

"Great Shop Talk w/ SCBWI Inland Northwest @ Spokand Valley Library. Sound info and helpful critiques for several brand new writers."

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Works In Progress

First edits are done on my middle grade fantasy, Masters of Air & Fire! Now on to gothic fantasy The Grimhold Wolf. 

After that, I'm close to the climax of Silver Marsh, my mg fantasy about an Elfin girl on the run in a world where Elfinkind is persecuted by humans.