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Here's a truly spectacular flower that will amaze and… well, maybe not delight you. To be honest, it's kind of stinky.

Dracunculus vulgaris is native to Mediterranean regions from Greece and the Aegean Islands to the Balkans parts of Anatolia. It's been known since ancient times and has a number of names: Voodoo Lily, Black Arum, Black Dragon, Snake Lily, and so on. Because it is so showy, it has been transplanted to yards and botanical gardens all around the world.

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"Agents of Shield finale: really good but I'm tired of people 'accepting their fate' in a way that hinges on Daisy. Live your own lives!"

"Now that I'm close to finishing the first draft on Outcast Order, a new idea is wanting to be heard. Let the world-building commence."

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I'm in the midst of a self-publishing project. Aunt Ursula's Atlas is Lucy D. Ford's collection of 11 short stories. Possible release in June or July.

My current work in progress is a sequel to  The Seven Exalted Orders.