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"The Gellboar, Part 2"

Here is the second installment of The Gellboar, my forthcoming dark fantasy e-book and podcast.

Part 2
Dan stared at the creature, his wand still poised defensively. With his free hand, he groped for a napkin to wipe at the unpleasant wetness across the back of his neck. Only one kind of alien had tentacles. That was the Gellboar. He'd heard rumors, that they were predators on the other side. Since the Spellwar, they might be involved in any sort of dirty work. Nobody wanted much to do with them. After meeting one, he knew why.

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I'm working on a new podcast. The Gellboar is a dark fantasy on an alternate Earth where sorcery is forbidden to men. Text will appear on my blog and then be released as an e-book.

I have an official author page on Facebook, that will be a hub for news and events. Like my page at AuthorDebyFredericks.

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